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Call on an electrician Clayfield residents rely on to maintain their commercial or residential property’s electrical systems. Our services allow the property occupants to easily perform the tasks that require the use of electricity, such as the following:

  • Updating and performing general business duties
  • Doing household chores
  • Charging electronic gadgets
  • Completing the kid’s homework
  • Operating electrical devices (e.g air conditioners, washing machine, vacuum, and security and fire alarms

There are a lot more things we take for granted aside from these that are easier to do with a properly working electrical system. It’s therefore important to ensure that the electrical system in your place is well-maintained and taken care of.

Licensed Electrician for Clayfield

However, performing the maintenance of the electrical system on your own is not allowed by QLD law. Working with a professional Clayfield electrician is the most recommended option for you.

Why work with LIT UP Electricians in Clayfield?

Here are the reasons why you should let LIT UP electricians work on your electrical system in Clayfield.

Highly qualified electricians Clayfield Brisbane

Our licensed Clayfield electrician team are highly trained master electricians who have the skills and experience to perform a range of electrical services. This way, we can provide you with only the highest possible quality electrical services in Clayfield.

Always ready to help

Our friendly staff are available 24/7 to help you with your electrical needs and repair. Get in touch with an electrician Clayfield goes to for fast efficient service by dialling 07 3315 0619  and we will help you promptly

Complete with proper equipment and tools

Are your electrical systems located up in your home or is it up on your office’s high ceiling? Don’t worry, we have the right safety equipment and power tools for it. Performing electrical maintenance and repairs is easy with LIT UP electricians. We are equipped with the proper tools to handle almost any type of electrical services. From small to big electrical works, we can do it for you.

What are the electrical services offered by LIT UP Electricians for Clayfield?

Here are the various electrical services our electricians for Clayfield can deliver.

Switchboards and safety switches repair and maintenance

Does your property have the protection against potential electrical shocks? If not, then let us work on it for you. Our team handles the repair and maintenance of switchboards and safety switches in Clayfield. We’ll make sure that yours will be properly maintained, up to date, and upgraded in accordance with the latest Australian electrical safety standards.

CCTV and security alarm installation

Do you want to raise the security level of your home? Whether you’re inside or far away from your property, a top of the line CCTV and security alarm can provide you with peace of mind.

Let our CCTV and security alarm installation services deliver this to you. Send us an enquiry today or you can visit our service page to learn more about the electrical services we provide.


Do you frequently experience flickering lights and switches, or there are any unstable electrical supplies in your home or office? There may be faulty wirings in your electrical system.

We can check and repair it for you. We do the whole or partial rewiring of residential and commercial electrical systems. This may still vary depending on the problem of your system. To ensure you can continuously enjoy the convenience from your electrical system, let us do the rewiring for you.

Is there a need to call for a professional electrician Clayfield?

Electrical works, per se, is a dangerous work to handle, especially for people without the proper knowledge, skills, training, and equipment. Therefore, calling a professional electrician to tackle your electrical issues is important. Below are other reasons to call a professional electrician in Clayfield.

Standards to follow

DIY electrical issues is a big NO according to the Australian Electrical Safety Act of 2002. Only the licensed, experts and trained electricians are allowed to do the following electrical services:

  • Alteration
  • Installation
  • Construction
  • Maintenance
  • Manufacturing
  • Replacement
  • Removal
  • Test and tag
  • Fittings

To avoid breaking the rules and getting penalised by the law, hiring a professional electrician to work on your electrical system in Clayfield is our best advice. Read here the legal consequences an unlicensed person might face for DIYing electrical works.

What are the benefits of getting help from a licensed electrician in Clayfield?

Many think that they can save more money from working their electrical problems at home or office on their own. However, doing so will not only make you punishable by the law, but you’re also putting yourself and your family at risk of the following dangers:

  • Fire
  • Electric shock
  • Electric burn
  • Explosion
  • Death

Given these dangers of doing electrical work, letting the professionals carry out the job is more preferable than doing it on your own.

A trained and licensed electrician in Clayfield will be able to fix your electrical issue in the quickest and safest way. They can also acquire the proper permit for your electrical issues. This makes you safe from harm and from facing legal sanctions.

Let’s get in touch!

Here at LIT UP Electrical, rest assured that all your electrical problems will be attended to because we listen to you to be completely prepared for the job at hand. This way, we are sure to deliver the utmost quality of electrical services. Call us on 07 3315 0619 or fill in our contact form today.

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