RCD Testing Brisbane

RCD’s ( Residual Current Device) otherwise known as Safety Switches play a very important role in both the workplace and home when relating to electrical safety.

An RCD is often located within the switchboard of a home or office and can often be identified by the push button Test switch. RCD’s must be tested periodically to ensure they are compliant to the Australian Standards.

Electrical malfunctions can occur in a heartbeat.

Safety Switches are the best way to protect users from dangerous electrical hazards by cutting power in the event of an electrical emergency.

After conducting RCD trip time testing our technicians provide the client with a fully detailed report.

RCD Testing Brisbane

What is an RCD and What do they do?

Residual current devices are installations that promote safety by shutting down the electrical power supply for the affected circuit. It maintains the same flow of electricity flowing in and out of the circuit. Its primary function is to prevent an electrical shock or conditions that could lead to an overload of current and start a fire.

Please read up on  Queensland regulations for more information.

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Lit Up has been fully Cm3 certified, which means our occupational health and safety risk management system has been reviewed for compliance by qualified OHS specialists. This gives our commercial customers an extra level of comfort in knowing that you are dealing with a fully professional electrical contractor and that work performed for you will be done with the highest level of concern for health & safety.

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