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Lit Up Electrical offers the latest technology in thermographic testing and infrared inspections for a wide range of applications used by businesses in various industries. Our company uses imaging cameras for thermal scanning of switchboards to locate and identify problems not visible to the eye. Thermal imaging software is used to provide a fully comprehensive image and to confirm the presence of a problem and determine its severity. Our team will then put together a detailed report and a plan of action to ensure that any breakdowns or catastrophic scenarios are prevented. Thermographic testing is a crucial part of business and manufacturing operations.

For electrical thermal imaging Brisbane businesses turn to Lit Up Electrical. If you are interested in learning more about thermal testing of switchboards, contact our thermal imaging electrical switchboards team today. Call us on 07 3315 0619 or you can contact us by using our online contact form.

Thermal Imaging Electrical Switchboards

Thermal imaging of electrical switchboards is an important part of preventative maintenance for many facilities. By using a thermal imaging camera, electricians can detect potential problems with electrical systems before they cause a shutdown or other serious issue. Thermal imaging can be used to detect a variety of problems with electrical switchboards, including loose connections, overloaded circuits, and failing components. By identifying these problems early, facility managers can avoid costly repairs or downtime. In addition to detecting potential problems, thermal imaging can also be used to check the performance of electrical systems. By understanding how your system is performing, you can make adjustments to improve efficiency and prevent future issues.

Thermographic testing to locate problems

Switchboard thermal imaging and testing is a useful tool for detecting potential problems in electrical equipment. By taking temperature readings of the equipment, it is possible to identify areas that may be causing excessive heat build-up. This can help to prevent electrical failures and fire hazards.

Why infrared imaging?

Thermal scanning of switchboards is a non-invasive way to detect potential problems in your electrical system before they cause expensive damage or downtime. By scanning the switchboard with a thermal camera, you can identify areas of high heat that may indicate electrical problems. Thermal scanning is a quick and easy way to prevent costly repairs or downtime in your business.

Thermal Image of Switchboard  | Featured image for the Thermographic Testing Service Page on Lit Up Electrical.

Thermographic testing for old and new equipment

Thermographic switchboard testing can be performed on both new and existing equipment. For new equipment, it is a good way to check for potential manufacturing defects. For existing equipment, thermographic switchboard testing can help identify problems that may have developed over time. Switchboard testing is a relatively quick and easy procedure, and it is an important part of any preventative maintenance program for electrical equipment.

How often does a business need a switchboard thermal imaging test?

By regularly scanning your switchboards, you can keep your electrical system running smoothly and avoid potential problems. Thermal imaging for all your building’s switchboards should be carried out every 12 months and more frequently if environmental conditions are influential.

Overheating terminal under thermal imaging  | Featured image for the Thermographic Testing Service Page on Lit Up Electrical.
Overheating terminal due to a loose connection.

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Lit Up Electrical Cm3 certified

Lit Up has been fully Cm3 certified, which means our occupational health and safety risk management system has been reviewed for compliance by qualified OHS specialists. This gives our commercial customers an extra level of comfort in knowing that you are dealing with fully professional Brisbane electricians and that work performed for you will be done with the highest level of concern for health & safety. For the best in electrical thermal imaging Brisbane wide, get in touch with Lit Up Electrical today.

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